Who’s in your “tribe”?

Your faithful friends? Your real friends? Whatever you wish to call them. I love this term “tribe” coined by marketing genius Seth Godin. And it’s a topic I discuss frequently in my clinics on music careers and freelancing.

I was recently on the @percussion podcast and we didn’t get to talk much about this. So I’ll put it here.

It’s an unfortunate, yet all too frequent occurrence today to mistake those that we come into contact with on a regular basis as our being a member of our inner circle. Sure, we may work with them everyday. Discussing anything from football to the election. And getting to talk about that stuff makes us feel like we have a strong friendly connection. However, when it comes to crunch time. When you call on them, do they answer?

Being a relatively new kid on the percussion block, I know I’ve encountered this. And it’s easy to put the blame on those people that don’t answer your call. That don’t respond to a text. That don’t outwardly support you and your career on social media. However, we have to make sure WE are being that faithful friend we wish THEM to be.

What are you doing for your tribe?

So if you’re finding that your inner circle is shifting based on your surroundings, reflect. Reflect and be sure you’re staying true to your tribe. That you reach out to them on a whim to see how they’re doing. To invite them to a social function.

And if you’re feeling left out, make sure you’re doing your part within your tribe. That you, too, are reaching out to your tribe.

Your tribe doesn’t have to be big. It just needs to be genuine and true.