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Teaching beginning mallets

Between heath forms, scheduling, instrument rentals, and everything else administrative, it can feel like our students aren’t getting everything they need musically. And music rehearsals often leave the percussionists waiting while we work with the winds. 

All of this results in our percussionists’ boredom, insufficient technical facility, lack of musical understanding, and an absence of nuance and sensitivity. Start your percussion students off with everything they need with the help of a percussion expert.

  1. Percussion techniques: basic strokes, flams, rolls, ruffs/drags, timpani tuning procedure 
  2. Fundamentals of grip, stroke, playing areas 
  3. Basic rhythm reading, counting, pitch reading
  4. How to make a good sound on each instrument encountered




Dr. Eric Hollenbeck
 Brandon Arvay is an extremely versatile performer and teacher. His effectiveness as a teacher and his sensitivity as musician is only overshadowed by his warm and and inviting personality. He is the total package! 
Dr. Chad Floyd
 Brandon's clinics and master classes at Campbellsville University left our students motivated, inspired, and well equipped to handle the topics he presented. His sessions were articulate, well developed, and were delivered in a powerful yet personal method. 
Dr. Baljinder Sekhon
 Brandon Arvay is a first-rate musician and educator. In addition to presenting wonderful performances of many of my compositions, Arvay coached and conducted a stellar performance of my work Musica Casera at the 2014 Percussive Arts Society International Convention. It has been a true pleasure to follow Brandon's career for the last several years. His musical future is bright and I look forward to years of collaborating with him. 
Dr. Chris Butler
 In addition to being a fantastic percussionist, Brandon is always focused on the cutting-edge innovations of percussion pedagogy and research. He has always been an outstanding colleague and resource! 



Working with beginning students at Southwestern HS (KY)

Your students will:

  • Be confident, sensitive, and thoughtful musicians
  • Gain strong musical and technical sensibilities 
  • Have more enthusiasm and increased participation
  • Learn the fundamentals of grip, stroke, and playing areas
  • Develop an ear for good sounds
  • Establish a plan for making musical decisions



Turn your beginners into skilled players.


Timpani clinic at 2016 Campbellsville University Percussion Ensemble Festival

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Percussionists meet with me for a sectional so you can focus on the winds
  • Our session meets during their regularly scheduled daytime class or after-school
  • We use your favorite band method book along with my own percussion books
  • We meet as many times as you need



You have enough to do. Let me help your percussionists start strong.