I just got back into town from PASIC 2014. What an incredible experience! I had the great fortune of conducting Baljinder Sekhon’s “Musica Casera” with guitarist Dieter Hennings and the University of Kentucky Percussion Ensemble. What was most exciting was how sensitive and expressive the performance was under such high pressure! Bravo!

Glenn Kotche actually remembered my from our hang last year, walking up to me saying, “Hey man! You’re still at Kentucky, right?” This made my day! It isn’t everyday a Grammy-winning rock star walks up and knows me. I was part of the premiere of his new piece, “Transferencia.” It’s written for percussion sextet comprised of mallet instruments and (what I call) a broken drumset. Each instrument of the kit is distributed amongst the six players and inventively splits up grooves between them.

I was able to meet many important and influential percussionists, including Evelyn Glennie (who was just sitting on a bench texting people), Larry Chamberlain (Yamaha), Chris Long (Innovative Percussion), Lewis Nielsen (composer), Stuart Saunders Smith (composer), Nathan Daughtrey (performer/composer), Adam Blackstock (teacher/performer), Cort McClaren (C. Alan Publishing), Scott Zender (Lone Star Percussion), Garwood Whaley (composer/teacher), Casey Cangelosi (performer/teacher), and Paul Francis (Zildjian).