Musical Efficiency

Pedagogy, Philosophy

The name of the modern musical game is EFFICIENCY. Everywhere we look, musical elements are being reduced in size for one reason or another. Look at conga playing. Traditionally, each of the three drums of a standard setup were performed…


Novelty Music

Pedagogy, Philosophy

In a discussion with Hollywood percussionist and composer Chris Wabish last week, he said something interesting: Percussion started as a novelty and is becoming serious, while everything else started serious and is becoming novelty. Chris brings up a great point….


Just Cool Dudes…

Pedagogy, Personal, Philosophy

Percussionists are just cool dudes. No other set of musicians is as easy-going and brotherly. Everywhere I go, no matter how well-known or unknown the player, percussionists just get along. Yesterday’s Kentucky Chapter Day of Percussion event proved this to…


“Percussion? I Can Do That!”

Pedagogy, Philosophy

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my colleagues about what attracts people to percussion — what brings people to percussion concerts. Is it all the motions and gestures that go into playing? Is the exhaustive list of instruments we get to play?…

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