Hey, friends! As we all know, there’s a ton going on this time of the year. Marching band is coming to a close, fall concerts are around the corner, the holidays are fast approaching, and we’re all losing more and more sleep with each passing day to get our work done each day.

Here’s what I’m working on this week:

Completing an initial draft on my initiative to start a percussion ensemble at CKYO, the country’s 3rd oldest youth orchestra program. The proposal will go to the Board for approval. We’re hoping to start this spring!

  • Timpani tuning/pedaling etude collection

I wrote 32 etudes for my dissertation in 2015. These etudes form a progressive collection that develops tuning and pedaling skills for intermediate to advanced players. I’m specifically working to edit the playback audio and get them mixed down to a final state.

Improv has been an important element in my private lessons and is increasingly important for all professional percussionists. I started using improv as a central element of my teaching at high schools. This article discusses the benefits of improv and how to implement it into an established program. I’ll be adding the last few paragraphs to the article this week.

Dr. Chris Butler is hosting me via Skype to present a clinic to his studio at SIU. This lecture will introduce and discuss many of the electronics hardware and software we encounter as percussionists. I’ll also discuss some rehearsal techniques when using electronics.

What are YOU working on this week? And who’s going to PASIC? Let me know in the Comments section!

*BTW: For those that follow this sort of thing, there are 9 Mondays left until Christmas!