Here’s a simple, yet extremely effective set of exercises for ANY level performer.

They’re designed to emphasize the timing in which all the parts of the Legato Stroke occur. Too many instructors tell the players to “use more wrist,” but do not use an exercises to help the players truly understand WHAT they changed or HOW to make permanent improvement.

These exercises serve to exaggerate the “perfect” motion. By exaggerating it in this way, the player will notice a few things…

  • Awkward = discovery
  • An awkward feeling means you’re body is use to moving in a way that opposes the firing sequence.
  • Take note of where the awkward feeling is (arm? wrist? fingers? shoulder?)
  • If you notice that when you go to drop your arm that your wrist feeling funny, it probably means you’re used to dropping your wrist before your arm. WRONG ORDER!

It’s important to understand exactly what the “firing sequence” of the stroke should be. A car engine, for example, wouldn’t work at all if the “firing sequence” of the spark plugs and other parts weren’t in the correct order. An out-of-sequence engine would start randomizing the order of events and everything would get clogged.


Developing the most efficient “firing sequence” possible will promote greater speed, dexterity, and excitement for the player.


4/4 Firing Sequence


3/4 Firing Sequence


2/4 Firing Sequence


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