Out of the Shadows: The Untold Side of Making a Career in Music  Skype

The number of people graduating college with music degrees is exploding at a time that job availability is at an all-time low. Graduates are entering the job market full of hope that they will be signing a full-time contract as soon as they cross the graduation stage. However, for most percussionists graduating with bachelors, masters, and even doctorate degrees, this is not reality. A strong majority of graduates are finding themselves either combining non-musical skills with musical talents to form freelance careers or they are leaving the business altogether. Unfortunately, students are learning about this new reality when it is too late. This Skype session seeks to inform students of the current reality of career musicians, engage them in an exploration of self-discovery, and inspire students to take action today to set themselves up for their greatest musical successes yet. Great option for a Skype clinic!

Timpani Tuning Tips and Tricks: A Transformative Quick Start Guide

Perform a timpani solo (2 mins)
Vocabulary of pertinent instrument parts and their functions (5 mins)
Basic instrument maintenance and its impact on the tuning process (5 mins)
Define and establish a collection of intervals & familiar songs for interval reference (10 mins)
4-step tuning process (10 mins)
Tuning/Pedaling exercises to establish & enhance tuning skills at three (3) skill levels (20 mins)
Perform another solo piece demonstrating all these skills in one performance (2 mins)


Timpani Shorts

Timpani Cheat Sheet


Chris Martínez
 Dr. Arvay creates a wonderful real experience for students. It is always a pleasure to hear his honest discussions on the realities of being a professional musician today. He is very knowledgeable and can connect with students of any background with ease! I am excited to see what is in store for Dr. Arvay and will be collaborating with him in the near future!