Real talk about empathy

The Power of Real Talk in the Music Rehearsal


Real talk? Students will work for you if they know you ‘get them.’ Talk to them. (Stay with generalizations so you don’t get into I.E.P. territory.). Encourage them to understand WHY they feel their feelings. Encourage them to think from…

Your Tribe

Do you know who’s in your tribe?

Personal, Philosophy

Who’s in your “tribe”? Your faithful friends? Your real friends? Whatever you wish to call them. I love this term “tribe” coined by marketing genius Seth Godin. And it’s a topic I discuss frequently in my clinics on music careers…

Q&A with Steven Snowden and Ivan Trevino

Q&A: Steven Snowden / Ivan Trevino

Composition, Philosophy

I asked both Steven Snowden and Ivan Trevino a question. They answered. I asked a couple of the most popular composers today to give me a 3 – 5 sentence response during a little Q&A. Here’s what they said. Question: If you…