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Today’s Lesson Series: #1

Keyboard Percussion, Pedagogy

This is the first post in a series I’d like to publish regularly. Every time I teach, my students and I experience an “ah ha” moment at some level. Sometimes it’s huge! Sometimes it’s something almost unnoticeable. The Today’s Lesson…


8 Books Every Percussionist Should Own


Creative Music Making (book w/ CD) by Bill Cahn Photo: Percussionists tend to focus on learning technique more than developing an individual musical voice. Creative Music Making will help you find that unique voice by enhancing your creativity in all styles of music. Beyond Basic Percussion by…


Adding Value to the Concert Band Warm Up


I stepped into a high school concert band rehearsal this week to find some typical scenarios associated with the percussion section within a concert band warm up. During the warm up, the keyboard players rolled long tones and played scales, bass…


NEW! Article for PAS


My article titled “#MUSICIANSTOO: DEVELOPING THE MUSICAL PERCUSSIONIST THROUGH AN INCLUSIVE WARM-UP ROUTINE (PART 1)” has been published in the Fall 2015 volume of the Percussive Arts Society Educators’ Companion. Click HERE to check it out!


Send Read Receipts: ON

Pedagogy, Personal, Philosophy

Don’t underestimate the power of the SEND READ RECEIPTS option on your smart phone.     When someone sends you a text, there’s a tiny line of text under their last message.     “READ 5/9/15.” This pops up when the…


Articulation Consideration

Pedagogy, Philosophy

ARTICULATION: WW/Brass Considerations:  Wind players must develop finger, tongue, and air independence. This is accomplished through routine practice of tenuto, staccato, legato, and marcato articulations. The type of tongue action required for a legato note is drastically different than the…