Concert Percussion


Buzz Control to Roll Control

Pedagogy, Snare Drum

There are many schools of thought on the proper way to play a snare drum roll. I play with a controlled bounce every time. For march-like tempos, my roll base is 16th-notes. I use three bounces on each 16th-note as…


Snare and a Roll

Snare Drum

I was working the other day with a student on her snare drum roll quality. Her roll was a bit forced and choked, resulting in a very rhythmic and uncharacteristic sound. I have used a particular exercise to help improve…


Snare Drum Curriculum

Snare Drum

A friend asked me for a basic curriculum for a snare drum student. I thought it best to start with a simple, yet effective set of resources. Also, I needed to be sure the progression was logical. One foot in…


Cover Your Heads!

Pedagogy, Timpani

Investing in covers is money well spent. Timpani are some of the most expensive instruments in the percussion collection. Every cent spent investing in their protection goes a long way. Covering the heads will protect from dirt and the potential…