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Timpani Mic Positions

Timpani Mic Position Samples

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Mic positions test samples:   I recently recorded the audio for a commission I led resulting in Steven Snowden‘s solo timpani + electronics piece, “The Taos Hum.” I’ll upload the video when it’s finished. However, I took only a few…

Evelyn Glennie

Today’s Lesson Series: #1

Keyboard Percussion, Pedagogy

This is the first post in a series I’d like to publish regularly. Every time I teach, my students and I experience an “ah ha” moment at some level. Sometimes it’s huge! Sometimes it’s something almost unnoticeable. The Today’s Lesson…


3 Things to Do to Your Timpani Everyday


1. Put the drums in the appropriate range.  Photo: Brandon Arvay You need to know what notes your drums can play. Putting the drums in the correct range help you know where to put the notes. And, because of the…


Why You’ll Always Want to Cover Your Timpani

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A full set of timpani can cost as much as a car, making them some of the most financially difficult instruments to replace when damaged. It is important to protect these expensive instruments during performance by using appropriate playing techniques….


5 Percussion Sites You Need to Know

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The Throne: A Drumming Podcast Photo: Chicago-based drummer Colin Campbell hit a homerun creating this podcast! Among its plentiful offerings are interviews with some of music’s most happening people, videos, the “rudimental tidbit of the fortnight”, and more. Photo:…