Being successful in the music world is not only about musical skill/talent. No one knows you even have a skill until you’ve been given a platform on which to broadcast it. With the opportunities for musicians to simply “walk into a job” (i.e. orchestra, restaurant swooner, etc.) anymore dwindling, we have to be musical Macgyvers. We have to possess entrepreneurial skills with which to build our own platforms. Consider the skills with which a business owner must excel:

Marketing (advertising, signage, business cards)

People skills (interacting with employees, customers, suppliers)

Design and Product Modeling (mannequins, shelving, floor plans and flow)

It really is a business.

To own and run a business takes far more than a passion for selling a product. It takes skills to establish relationships with shipping companies, marketing skills, an ability to professionally and enthusiastically talk with consumers, it takes a keen eye for creating appropriate flow for the building and design within the store – All of this BEFORE you get to actually press ENTER on the receipt machine.

Build a platform by discovering just what musical AND entrepreneurial skills you possess. If you’re missing something, find someone that can help. Finding the answers for yourself is the only way to truly learn for yourself. It’s taking ownership. By having the “total package” and working hard as a modern musician, opportunities will be everywhere and, after a while, may even come to you.