The Battalion

I just returned from 10 days of Spring Training with DCI‘s newest open class corps – and Utah’s Own – The Battalion. 

I couldn’t believe this group. The admin, instructors, students, and volunteers are the real deal. I never would have thought Utah would have such a well of untapped talent.

Something truly special

Though the Battalion doesn’t necessarily hang its hat on any particular religion – or religion in general for that matter – the corps’ vision seeks to maintain high moral standards and to be sensitive to the faith-based needs of its staff and students.

It’s not everyday a group is established with employees’ convenience in mind. Especially not in the drum corps world. It’s an activity loaded with inconvenience and unreasonable expectations. It’s part of the experience. That unreasonable quality is exactly what taught me the most while I marched.

“It doesn’t feel like a brand new corps.”

The Battalion is something special. The admin has their stuff together. They really do. Especially for a corps in its infancy. You’d never know it walking around there. Dallin Hatch and the rest of the admin staff does an incredible job communicating with instructors and students. It’s that transparency and bottom-up approach that’ll take this group far down the road.

The instructional staff is on point, as well. Great communication about scheduling, philosophies, etiquette, etc. And the information is pretty World Class.

The students are the real story. They have such a hunger for experience and a pride about themselves–about an organization that barely exists yet. And it’s what makes the vibe at the Battalion truly unique. Though much of the corps is having their first DCI marching experience right now, you’d never know it. Their strength, resilience, and focus is remarkable.

First show

I’m super proud of their performance last night in Mount Pleasant, UT. And what a special moment to share along with the Madison Scouts, one of DCI‘s most storied groups.

I can’t wait to see where this organization is in 5 years.

Look out world. They’re serious.