There are a lot of LuLaRoe consultants struggling. And it’s because they either lack the work, the right tactics, or both. There are a million excuses consultants make for why their business isn’t growing. Many people invest $5,000, think the clothes will sell themselves, and they’ll just rake in the cash. It just doesn’t work that way. Others have the excuse of full-time work, kids, etc.– but at the end of the day, you’ve got to remember why you’re a consultant.

Why are you doing what you do


Those things are your “why”. And it’s for those reasons that you’ve got to out-hustle everyone around you.

For this to work, you’ve got to make a choice. Choose the winning mentality. Each individual part of being a consultant is easy– setting up a Square account, ordering inventory, setting up racks, replying to customers, advertising your next event, sizing customers at a pop up, etc. What’s difficult is doing ALL of it and doing all of consistently and doing it all with quality.

You’re a LuLaRoe consultant because it makes you happy. When you can be happy doing what you’re doing, you’ve already won. Cash is nice, but it’s not about making $400k/year. It’s about your happiness. It’s also about the happiness of your customers. But it can be difficult to be happy when your business isn’t booming. Why isn’t it booming? And what are you doing about it?


Evaluate yourself.

Where’s your head? Do you truly have the drive to work on your business literally every second possible? Are you spending your money on vacations, shoes, coffee, or dinners? How much time are you looking at the Kardashians’ Instagram page wondering why you can’t have their success? Don’t waste your time looking at others. Stop spending money. Keep your head down and get to work.

‘Doing’ is the most important thing.

While everyone else has their head in their hands crying about their lack of sales, you need to spend your energy on your next move to make success a reality. What are you doing between 11-1 am? Stop wasting time watching Game of Thrones. If you’re into watching Netflix, shopping, vacations– then just quit. It’s not going to work.

Most of the failures come in short-term thinking– thinking about the next move. You need to be thinking about the arc of the next 15-30 years. Have a bad pop up with no sales? Doesn’t matter. Move ahead to the next. Have a bad summer of little sales? Doesn’t matter. Keep going. No hesitations.

LLR lifetime

Drown out the noise of those around you. Family members telling you to stop, the voices in your head– They’re all doubting you. Don’t let them. Put your head down and shut them up with work. The long-term is where you’ll find your happiness. That’s your goal.

You’ll see the haters at the finish line.