The Most Affordable and Durable Triangle Clamp on the Market


No more breaking triangle string. No more spinning triangles. No more music stand sound when mounting triangles.

The 3/4 in. Mini Spring Clamp is constructed of heavy-duty steel for durability, features vinyl tips to soften vibrations into the music stand, and durable nylon construction fasteners that won’t pull apart.

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  • Handles feature small holes to hang any sized triangle using a permanent, heavy-duty nylon fastener
  • Vinyl handles protect the nylon fastener and provide a comfortable grip area
  • Heavy-duty fasteners secure triangles, but doesn’t dampen ANY triangle resonance
  • Mounting technique and strength of the fastener prevents triangles from spinning when played

Don’t pay $19.99 or $29.99 for a triangle clamp from competitors simply because they have their brand stamped on the handle! This clamp combines the best features of leading brands into one affordable, durable product.




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