Build a loyal LuLaRoe customer base by investing in them first.

Don’t sell. GIVE. Provide value to your customers first before asking for a purchase. THE reason it’s so hard for some consultants to acquire new customers or to keep existing customers is because the consultants are in a “sell-sell-sell-take” mentality. This results in customers just looking at a field flooded with consultants selling the same looking products and selling with the same strategies and selling to the same pool of customers with little differentiation; not building relationships, community, trust, and expertise.

Shift to a “give-give-give-then ask” mentality.

So you’re a wife, a mom, have a 9-5 job, AND run a LLR business (I know there’s a ton of you out there)…

You need to tap the communities in which you operate your normal life.

For example:

Finding yourself at a thousand soccer practices and games for your kids? Cool. Make videos where you become an influencer amongst soccer mom culture. Make fun videos doing skits around your family, your kids’ teams, your home soccer field. If that’s not your personality, then do a Q&A video series interviewing moms during practice about soccer mom culture (their struggles, their successes, life hacks for soccer moms). Find something that fits you and your world and start creative today.

That’s just one example of how to leverage your current state and your life into creating value for the communities in which you already live and work. Bring value to people and they’ll consume your content. They’ll look to you for answers and info. They’ll SHARE your content with their community. It’ll happen organically.

Yes, I’m saying make videos that have nothing to do with LuLaRoe.

Be an expert in some other area of culture and bring your customers in through that channel. Or do make videos that outright feature LuLaRoe products. Do a video series on styling LuLaRoe with your favorite Jack Rogers shoes and accessories. Do a series on leggings from other companies.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but do a product inspection of leggings from Fabletics, Forever 21, Modcloth, Torrid, Aerie, and Nordstrom. Be the go-to online expert at leggings. And of course, drive people to your shop.

If you think it takes extra work, it does.

But just a little extra work. You were already going to that soccer practice. You and the other moms were already going to talk to each other. Now just take 5 minutes, pull a mom to the side, and ask her questions into your iPhone or handheld recorder. Post that on Facebook and your other platforms. It’s that simple.

If you think, “Oh, but it’s not going to be professional-quality”.

No one cares about quality if it’s decent. Obviously, it can’t be terrible. It’s about the substance of what was said. The clarity of audio and video with smartphones is definitely good enough for this– in theory. Be sure your audience can hear you speaking clearly.

Or maybe you’re thinking: “Who actually has time for this?”

You do. Everyone has time in their day that they squander. If you’re happy selling 5 or less items a week because you go home and watch Game of Thrones for an hour, cook for an hour, text and Facebook stalk for 2 hours, that’s fine. You do you. Just understand that not working on your business isn’t going to sell. But, if you’re trying to really sell and move product, then adjustments may be necessary to find the time.

Maybe you’re thinking: “I don’t really think I have anything to say.”

OR.. “No one wants to hear me.” You’re wrong again. Everyone has something unique about themselves that no one else has: your perspective. Just talk about what you know and what you do. You’re not trying to be someone you aren’t. Just document who you are within the communities in which you already live and work.

This really is a tremendous time to be a social retailer.

This mentality I’ve shared above is the real way to finding your own customers and community away from the other consultants in Lexington and the U.S. at-large. All the opportunity lies in our hands.  📲 We all just have to hustle.

Thanks so much for your attention. I respect and appreciate it. Let me know your reactions to this. Feel free to PM with questions.

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