Being a LuLaRoe consultant has its challenges– ‘time’ being the biggest.

Everyone has family stuff, full-time job stuff, social life stuff, and personal stuff. There are a lot of distractions in life that take away from time being a consultant.

A lot of consultants say they struggle finding new customers. Maybe you live in a rural area, you don’t have a ton of friends to lean on, or don’t have a huge inventory– you can’t seem to get your current customers to want it.

These are all just excuses.

There are 16,400,000 daily users on Instagram. Honestly, most of them don’t want your clothes. But guess what? 100,000s of thousands– maybe millions– of users do. More than 30% of internet users and 96% of fashion brands are on Instagram. That’s a huge market you can tap. Now it’s about getting their attention.

Getting attention used to be really difficult. You’d have to pay $1,000s to get a billboard, TV/radio ad, or product placement on a TV show or film. However, attention is SO easy to get today. No longer do you have television marketing directors as the gatekeeper. You can go direct to customer– FOR FREE!

Use your Instagram wall the right way to capture that attention.

Most consultants are posting every few days, ignoring hashtags, and only post poorly-lit photos of their inventory. That’s not going to sell anything.

Instagram is where the world goes for fashion photos and videos. It’s where hundreds of fashion icons breakout everyday. You can do the same with just a few alterations of your strategy.

LuLaRoe Lindsey Wheeler does an incredible job of using her Instagram wall.

As I say that, many of you just thought “sure, it’s easy for someone with 58k followers.” I can promise you that those 58k didn’t just click on her just to click. It matters WHAT she posts. How do you think she got 58k followers?

Check out the photo below to see an amazing example.



Notice a few things:

  • it’s compelling because of the amazing location and background
  • the colors are bright
  • she creates scarcity in the caption by saying it’ll be “gone for good”
  • her posture is natural
  • she’s smiling
  • the customers learn how to both love and use the product by encouraging them to like the fabric and print, then try a different size for its unique fit
  • she used only 3 LuLaRoe hashtags and tapped into other product markets with the others
  • Careful use of emoji

Lindsey got great engagement because of all these things being present. She had 1,153 likes and 24 comments.

Here’s another great photo.


Notice a few things:

  • it’s a bright photo with bright colors
  • she’s smiling and looking right into the camera
  • her clothes + background make a compelling aesthetic
  • she uses a current event that’s applicable to may people (back to school) to drive the content
  • she doesn’t sell her product, she shows gratitude to teachers instead
  • uses few LLR hashtags and maximizes other market hashtags
  • Careful use of emoji


Take a moment to show the behind-the-scenes of your business direct to LLR-aware customers. This post is a good example of the rare moment you want to go straight to the customer and sell by showing the product and giving them a link to buy.


Notice a few things:

  • she shows off a style few others have right now
  • the product is presented at an angle on the racks to create interest
  • she positioned her other inventory high in the background to show that denim isn’t all she has
  • she’s wearing a jacket
  • smiling and looking into the camera is always the right choice
  • her caption includes the amount of inventory and info on the next sale
  • she creates FOMO by saying “Trust me you don’t want to miss it”
  • Careful use of emoji


LuLaRoe Meagan Parker is doing an incredible job using her Instagram wall. Including another brand in your content increases engagement. See how many more comments this photo got because Meagan tagged the other brand.


Notice a few things:

  • 90% of the caption text is devoted to providing insight and sharing love for the other brand
  • she provides context to how she got the boots
  • by saying “…I didn’t expect in a million years…”, there’s the implication of gratefulness to the other brand
  • “a week later…” shares the expedience of service provided by the other brand
  • the other brand is tagged with the ‘@’ and used as a hashtag
  • the boots are beautifully showcased with an interesting background with a compelling color palette
  • Careful use of emoji

Time for you to do something.

Now that we have explored a successful LuLaRoe Instagram account and I’ve broken down Lindsey and Meagan’s winning strategies, it’s time for you to take action. Study each example above along with every detail. From the emojis, to frequency of the posts, you should study everything about these posts.

I encourage you to go on Instagram > Search > LuLaRoe (tags). Find other consultants with huge followings and study their strategies. You’ll notice some similarities and a variety of differences. They all work because they work for their specific audience. You have to ‘find your own voice’ that works for your customers. Learn what your customers like and don’t like. For Lindsey, she posts once a day. Meagan posts almost once a day, but isn’t afraid to skip a day or two. Maybe you’ll need to post twice a day. And make sure it’s post-worthy.

Learn to get the most engagement through experimentation. Change the different elements of your posts one at a time to see when you get the most engagement. Here are some tactics:

  • change the time of day you post
  • include and don’t include emoji
  • the written voice (1st, 2nd, 3rd person)
  • the photo and video content
  • the length of the caption
  • hashtags
  • the frequency of your posts

There’s no fast track or shortcut to getting great engagement.

It’s all about putting the time in. If you’re consistent and provide value, you’ll win. If you think there’s an easy app that’ll do all the work, it doesn’t exist. You still have to create the photos and videos. You still need to type the captions and headlines.

If you need to, outsource this activity. Truthfully, the game plan is for your business to be doing so well that you don’t have time to do your own social media and digital marketing. Outsource this work, but keep it close so you control your business’s digital market perception.

Thanks so much for your attention. I respect and appreciate it. Let me know your reactions to this. Feel free to PM with questions.

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Engage with your audience. Say something to them. Reply when they say something to you. Find out their birthday and send them a special Direct Message (inside Instagram) offer for 25% their order on their special day. Be the first to say something when they had a big event happen and they’ve posted about it.

Set up a 30 – 60 minute window each day to engage your customers on all your platforms. They want that time with you. And be sure to be real. Invest your attention into them. Remember…

Give, give, give- then ask.