Your success is almost completely predicated on the tactics and strategy you apply to social media. Perception is everything and word-of-mouth-is real. Social media is king. Like it or not, it’s how human beings communicate. Embrace it and you’ll inch closer to success.

I know I’m posting this here and you’ll assume everyone else reading this will just do the same thing. The truth is, they won’t. 95% of the people that read this will cast it aside. 4% will buy in, but never do anything. 1% will actually take action and they’ll be the ones that succeed. Which group are you in? It’s the truth because it takes a lot of work. To win at selling you need to make time and that’s hard. Time is the biggest asset you need to have to get your customers’ biggest asset in return: ‘attention.’

It’s about documenting your journey. Don’t wait to have the most amazing photo of something. Just start posting. No one cares if you had a number of bad posts with bad lighting in the photos or wrote a crappy caption in the past. It’s about what you do today. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if you have a bad post today. No one will be looking at it tomorrow.


Try using Stories inside Instagram to document your daily activities with LuLaRoe. Wearing LuLaRoe to the park? Post a picture of you wearing it in your Story. Packing up for a pop up? Post it in your Story. Focus your Story on the individual daily activities within your business. It takes no time to do. You were going to do those things anyway. Just take a quick photo and share it.

Use your Instagram wall to provide more value. That’s where you can post a quick 30-60 second video talking about some LuLaRoe business-related topic (e.g. pattern matching, where you wear LuLaRoe, how to size each style, accessorizing your LLR collection, your favorite shoes company, etc.). Post photos of YOU wearing your clothes. Bright photos are always best. Smile and look into the camera. Add motion to a photo by moving as the shot it taken. Use Boomerang. Make a video collage. Use Hyperlapse to show an entire photo shoot in under 60 seconds. Be creative.


Use 30 relevant hashtags for each wall post. This allows people to find you because of a shared interest. And that shared interest is the hashtag. This is a huge component to getting your content seen. Don’t waste your time creating your own business hashtag: no one is using it.

#entrepreneur #lularoe #momboss #mompreneur #smallbusiness 

Design your Instagram wall posts by grouping photos of similar overall colors together in blocks (e.g. Post 6 pictures in a row with an overall red color, then post 6 photos with an overall background of pink, etc.). Make the colors transition nicely across the spectrum. Your wall should be a visual work of art.

Your Instagram wall should be loaded with YOU wearing LLR. Keep candid pictures of regular life– dogs, kids, work, etc.- in your Story. Unless you take a “professional” shot and they’re professional in the photo, too. You’re selling YOU more than you’re selling LuLaRoe. The most professional photo quality wins.

Captions truly don’t matter. But if you make one, it should tell the story of the photo content. If you’re in front of an old barn, tell the story of the barn. Tell your connection to barns- whatever. Tell a meaningful story. Just know people don’t read captions first. They “heart” photos, then read captions.

Go to Twitter and inject yourself into fashion conversations. Use ‘Search’ inside Twitter. Search for “LuLaRoe” and inject yourself into those conversations. Provide value. Find someone that asked a question to someone else and respond. Find someone talking about their favorite style and join in. Be the nosiest person on Twitter for LuLaRoe.

Use SnapChat like you use Instagram Stories. Make fun snaps with customers doing fun things. Show the life of the party. Be the life of the party.

Design a Snapchat Geofilter for your next multi-consultant sale or for your in-home shop.

Geofilter LLR example

Remember to tag your social handles in the other platforms. Especially since SnapChat doesn’t have a search feature. Change your business page profile picture to your Snapcode. Get your Snapcode here:

Facebook is best for long form content. Show an entire 2-hour online sale. Make videos on styling. Provide services to help women find new patterns they’ll like. Then use your best videos with the best engagement as a Facebook Ad. Take these same long form videos, put them in Videoshop. Chop down the content into shorter videos that focus on one topic. Post each shorter video on Instagram and Snapchat. Use them for individual Facebook Ads.

Use Facebook Ads. They’re unbelievably underpriced right now. Advertise your best posts. Target people interested in leggings, similar clothing lines, moms, etc. Target people near your in-home shop.

Aim for people that are already in your Facebook groups to see your upcoming event. Since only 3-5% of your Followers will see a notification of your new post, you’ll need to advertise any meaningful posts targeting “People the Like Your Page” for 100% of them to see it.

Get great engagement on your Facebook posts or other platforms and use those posts as the ad content. Point people to “Like” your business page. Advertise a fundraiser. Facebook ads are the most inexpensive way to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers across the world…literally for pennies.

Use influencer marketing techniques. Here’s the simplest strategy that takes minutes to do and can have massive effects on your business– TODAY.

Go into Instagram > Search > Places > Near Current Location…now click around all the Top Posts. Find people that have influence. Do this by clicking on a photo. Look at the engagement. If that photo has over 1,500 likes, then look at the number of Comments on that post. Have more than 30 comments? Click their name. Have over 10K followers? That’s your person. Click the 3 dots at the top right of their profile. Send them a message. Tell them you see they’re in your town and you love living there too. Tell them you want to send them a free pair of leggings or a shirt– whatever you want. Get their shipping address. Send it. (Send them a FREE stuff. NO DISCOUNTS. Customers get used to discounts. They know you can’t sustain FREE.)

3 dots


Influencers are already on Instagram and Snapchat and they already love sharing themselves. They’re going to wear your clothes in posts. They’re going to get told they look good. People will ask where they got it. YOU are the answer.

Since you’re awesome and took the time to make it all the way down this post to here, I’ll give you the biggest takeaways for content creation —> Be yourself. If you aren’t authentic, people will sniff it out. Don’t sell first. Provide your customers value first. Give, give, give- then ask. You need to approach your content like this: you’re selling YOU and you just happen to be wearing and selling LuLaRoe.

Thanks so much for your attention. I respect and appreciate it. Let me know your reactions to this. Feel free to PM with questions. I’ll be making new posts to break down each step listed above and sharing them very soon!