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Concert Percussion

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Picnic with the Pops this weekend
Picnic with the Pops this weekend
Picnic with the Pops this weekend
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Picnic with the Pops this weekend


This is my favorite week as a section member of the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra. Every August, the LPO performs a Pops series at the beautiful Keeneland Racetrack here in Lexington, KY. Keeneland is the site of top thoroughbred horse purchases. The…

The Battalion
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The Battalion Drum & Bugle Corps

Marching Percussion, Personal

I just returned from 10 days of Spring Training with DCI‘s newest open class corps – and Utah’s Own – The Battalion.  I couldn’t believe this group. The admin, instructors, students, and volunteers are the real deal. I never would have…

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13 Life Lessons to Consider

Personal, Philosophy

Be the best version of yourself. Always surround yourself by the best people possible. Try to influence from within the organization. Do stuff with other people’s best interest in mind. Embrace being uncomfortable. Never be too proud to learn from others….

Players First
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4 Books I’ve Been Reading Lately

Pedagogy, Philosophy

As Seth Godin would say, “I love books. Books are a bargain. [In many cases] they’re written by experts so $20 for an expert resource on your shelf forever is worth it.” It’s been said a thousand times, but teaching…

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New Music Experiment

The CKYO Symphony Orchestra will work side-by-side with musicians of the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra to present a concert of world premieres.

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3 Things to Do to Your Timpani Everyday

1. Put the drums in the appropriate range.  Photo: Brandon Arvay You need to know what notes your drums can play. Putting the drums in the correct range help you know where to put the notes. And, because of the...